This Week

I defended my master’s thesis in front of people I really respect. Of course I questioned importance of Kermit the Frog as both a cultural and story leader.

Ten minutes before I left my house for that thesis defense, I got a job! A real job!

Five minutes after my thesis I sobbed on the phone with my mom about how great life is. It wasn’t just a bit either. I was honestly quite worried about making it down the Pepperdine mountainside without vision.

I witnessed a miracle. More on this during my next post.

I went to the beach, the pool, the beach, and the pool. (And have the uneven tan lines to prove it!)

I went on a successful run (as well as two other unsuccessful ones). Yes, it was a short run, but I was fast having a blast vomiting running.

I tried to pour wine with the cap still on. (I had not consumed any wine at this point.)

I contributed approximately one and a half answers during an entire trivia night, surprising myself and others with my informational prowess. Be afraid, Trebek. Be very afraid.

I ate a quarter of a watermelon.

I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I played with eyebrow gel for the first time.

This was a week to remember (perhaps solely because of the eyebrow gel).

watermelon eater

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