What’s Good:

FullSizeRenderThis selfie. I really like it. Probably more than I should.

My parents visited and left spearmint toothpaste in my cabinet. I would never buy this for myself, and I think it tastes like root beer. I keep meaning to look up whether spearmint is in root beer.

They also left root beer in my fridge.

My desk space is gorgeous. I have a place to put my computer and notebook, and I have a real desk chair.

I have fabric and a pattern to make a chair cover for that chair. Stay tuned for riveting DIY piece that shows my craft capabilities. I may start a crafting blog. Title option: I’m Not a Stay-at-Home Mom, But You Wouldn’t Know It From This Blog: It’s Just That Good.

Should “from” be capitalized in that blog title? It’s too long, isn’t it? It is.

Is it also slightly offensive? Like only stay-at-home moms can be crafty? And like stay-at-home moms have to be crafty?

Scrap the title, okay. I’m over it.

I got ten hours of sleep last night. Lord, I lift your name on high

I’m starting to think my dog actually likes me.

My nails are currently a very pretty length. All of them. At the same time. Lord, I love to sing your praises…

My car headlights are working. All of them. At the same time. You came from Heaven to earth…

My toenails have somehow looked mostly decent for oh a month or so as I just repaint the big toe with the same color. I’m currently out of nail polish remover and keep forgetting to replace it.

Have my toenails stopped growing? Am I mad about that?

Does anyone wonder if vampires or other immortal beings grow hair and/or toenails? Don’t our noses grow our entire lives. Does that apply here? Should we be skeptical of the large-nosed people?

Scrap the nose comments. They feel offensive, too.

Last point about vampires. Edward and menstrual cycles. Do we all wonder? Stephenie Meyer, you had an opportunity to address period stigma and you missed it. #Regrets

Jill introduced me to a Pizookie. Life will never be the same.

I have not purchased a container of ice cream in two months because I just haven’t craved it. Who am I?

I’ve eaten ice cream in this time period. I’m not a saint.

I’m hosting these movie screenings for church, and I had four people attend last week’s. This is up from the previous party of one. They really like me.

I was very upset the other day when I realized I had no t-shirts from high school. Old t-shirts are the best thing in the world. That thin, soft cotton that’s practically ready to shred under your fingertips is the stuff dreams are made of. Last month, a duffel bag appeared in my old closet, and t-shirts overfloweth. Mooresville High School Girls Soccer 2007, here we go.

I swam last week and liked it too. Also, there was a guy who was obviously quite good–you could tell by his abs and obvious height advantage–and even though he was doing an hour of continuous, marathon swimming, I felt good about sprinting and beating him on my single laps.

A very elderly woman walked by me today, and we own the same dress.

I’m watching the rest of Velvet. It’s time. Alberto y Ana para siempre.

I had two salads today without realizing it. Veggie Express!

“Veggie Express” needs to be a catch phrase for healthy decisions. It sounds awfully convenient, happy, and like you’re putting things in motion.

I’m awake again. Truly awake. I feel like life has been muddled the past couple months. I’ve been in a half-sleeping state. In the morning, I don’t know what’s happening for the day, and not in a really cool, mysterious adventure sort of way. But it’s more like I’m super unorganized and chaotic and stressed and sleep deprived, so instead of trying to be present, I just go into this semi-stupor where I don’t have to feel so much. But not today. Today I was awake, and I don’t want to go back to sleep.

I discovered Prize Candle. My first ring is not expensive and does not fit me, but I’m learning to enjoy the Prize Candle process and it’s not their fault they don’t know my ring size. Don’t be surprised if I start selling them.

Why doesn’t every product come with a prize? We’d all buy more. Have you bought your Prize Candle yet? How about now?

I beat a personal record of mine. I’ve worn this “monthly” pair of contacts for 5 months, and I’m still going strong. Thank you. Thank you.

I’m blogging again. I feel good about this.