God’s work

Okay, so in my world, a visit to Costco is delightful.  It’s special.  It’s exciting and adventurous, and if you’re frugal, it can almost be heavenly.  Almost.  Apparently, things were a little too divine on my most recent visit to Costco last Sunday.  While visiting family in Arizona, we put my membership card to good use, exploring the warehouse’s plethora of bulk items.  We also partook of the only thing small at Costco, the samples.  Now this was no ordinary day.  This sacred day, to my utter (and surprisingly strong) delight, a small booth settled in the chips section, was handing out sweet nectar, or Diet Dr. Pepper.

“Have some,”  a kind Costco worker said.

I obliged this heavenly club worker, even pumping a fist before lifting the fine dixie cup to thine lips.  Yes, I do love Dr. Pepper, and I enjoyed it immensely as we moseyed down the next aisle.  Turning the corner and rounding back up, we found ourselves once again by the beverage of my heart and the angel who served it.

“Since you were a fan, how about you have some more,”  my angel in a hairnet said.

“Really?”  Could this be true?  Better hurry before she changes her mind.

“Thank you,”  I said as I picked up the drink. What happened next was out my control.

By that I mean, I don’t what I was thinking.  I tipped the glass to her, as if to say, “Cheers.”  I winked, and I loudly said in a deep voice, “You’re doing God’s work here.”

The lovely woman was a little takenaback, and I left her immediately with a confused look on her face, a little confused myself.  God’s work?  Did I really just tell someone that serving DDP was God’s work?

Now, I think that this story has a few morals: (1)  I am ridiculous (less of a moral, more of a fact of life), (2) Apparently Costco is a spiritual experience, (3) God’s work can actually happen with only giving out delicious coke, and (4) although it’s risky saying things before thinking about them, it often produces moments of hilarity to be enjoyed as often as possible.

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