little things

I have come to the unoriginal conclusion that it’s the little things.  Now, I know that the actual saying continues on: “It’s the little things that count.”  But for myself, I’d like to modify that if I could.


I would say, “it’s the little things that make life hilarious.”  Take for instance, the pin I found at a knick-knack store in Ventura, CA.

This pin is ridiculous.  I mean, for the individual looking to promote feline breastfeeding it’s perfect, but for the rest of us it’s both a little disgusting and a lot of hilarious.

I would also say, “it’s the little things I remember.”  Like the first time I watched Marley & Me. It was my first night at college alone, and I’ve never cried at a movie more in my whole life.

But mostly I’d say, “it’s the little things that make life alive.”  It’s the way mustard squirted on my white t-shirt in front of people I just met.  It’s the fact that between the last sentence in this one I had to clean up a dog mess. 😦  It’s the new panoramic function my brother found on his camera phone. It’s all of those things and so many more that make life so full of life.  And, I stopped making sense before this blog started, so sorry.  Deal with it.


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